Important information sources for ship brokers

Burmester & Vogel's powerful but user-friendly position list and fixture report modules save you time and effort and can thus help to save money and speed up your business.
Because our software means you need only seconds to locate vital information in your database instead of searching though stacks of emails and faxes.
Once the information is entered into the system you can run queries simply by pressing a couple of buttons on your keyboard or a few mouse clicks.
You step well ahead of your competition. And you'll never want to be without our program again.


  • Position List modul
  • Vessel's descriptions database with technical and commercial description and link to a picture of the vessel or a stow plan
  • Client register
  • Link to word processing
  • Optional fixture report module
  • Direct link to fixture report module: Get vessel's history in seconds
  • Optional T/C and Voyage Estimation module
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